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More Mods, More Mods!!

March 26, 2014

Well, what can we say - The Diamond Mist Apollo has gone down a storm!  So we have decided to get a truck load of different mods in.  They should be here with us in the next 2 weeks so keep an eye out.  We also have a great new Dual Coil Big Tank Clearomiser coming in. Continue Reading →


February 03, 2014

As we welcome our first Mod to the website - The Diamond Mist Apollo, some may be wondering what exactly is a Mod.  Well, a mod is is a modified e cigarette.  Notably bigger than your average e cig, these units are highly advanced.  A VV (variable voltage) mod usually has an LCD screen.  It will allow the user to change the amount of power that reaches the clearomiser, and depending on the resistance of the coil will produce a much stronger vape - In other words bigger vape clouds, stronger throat hits, bigger flavour! Continue Reading →