Rose v2 1:1 CLONE

Vape inc

    • Single coil or dual coil configurations - Single coil with 2 wicks or 2 coils with a wick each
    • Sliding airflow control ring
    • Juice flow control - By turning the drip tip, you can adjust the flow of juice onto the coil
    • Ceramic coil cup - You can choose to not use the coil cup if you prefer
    • Re-coiling without emptying tank - Simply invert and unscrew the coil head assembly for re-coiling
    • No resistance wire not needed - Careful attention has been made to the ease of setting up a coil in the RTA
    • Inverted or regular e-juice filling - Either remove the coil head or the top cap to fill with your favourite e-juice
    • 510 connection with adjustable brass center pin
    • 22mm diameter
    • Height excludes the mouthpiece and connector: 56.5mm
    • Laser engravings

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