Kamry 180 GOD MOD


The Kamry 180 GOD MOD is a variable wattage box mod powered by three 18650 batteries. The output wattage is adjustable from 5 to 180 watts.  Also on the top of the device, along with a 510 connection, you will also find an OLED screen that displays output power in watts and volts, puffs taken, atomizer resistance, and battery level. Putting the 180 watts of power to work shouldn’t be a problem on the Kamry 180 since it’s able to fire atomizers as low as 0.5 ohms or as high as 4.0 ohms.

Specifications :

Mod size 119X69X30mm
Input Voltage 9.9-12.6 V
Output Voltage 9.9-12.6 V
Resistance 0.5-4.0 ohm
Wattage range 5-180 W
Fit for 3pcs 18650 battery
Max current 40 amp
Color back,silver,red,blue,gold
Function:the chip have temp proection and reverse battery protection,including short-circut protection
LED screen shows battery power,wattage,voltage,atomizer resistance