Nicotine PG/VG Base

Diamond Mist East

We supply nicotine in 2 different base ingredients - either PG Based or VG Based  diluted down using Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Gycerin(VG).  This liquid is used for mixing and creating you own e liquid.  All our liquid nicotine is refined to the highest standards in Europe and is fully certified.



  • Nicotine can be dangerous and is a poison, so handle it with great care
  • Nicotine CAN NOT be vaped at its full strength - to do so could be extremly dangerous
  • Nicotine MUST ONLY be purchased by over 18's
  • We have discontinued 54mg Nicotine Base as the 72mg is better value for money

Please be very careful when using this product.  You must always wear Nitrile Gloves when handling this substance and ALWAYS wash your hand thoroughly after use.  If you are in any doubt please contact us for information.


1 Litre Bottles are now no longer available

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