Diamond Mist Pre-Built Coil Range

Diamond Mist

So you've got a dripper or tank that you can build your own coils on, but you really don't want to spend hours and hours building your own coils.  Here's the solution!  Diamond Mist have released a range of perfectly built coils in the most popular formats.  

Each box contains 10 perfectly pre built coils ready to wick, load up and use!  What could be easier!

Available in the following formats :

  • CLAPTON 28G + 24G - 0.4ohm
  • CLAPTON 30G + 24G - 0.35ohm
  • CLAPTON 32G + 24G - 0.4ohm
  • FUSED CLAPTON 28G - 0.7ohm
  • HIVE 26G - 0.25ohm
  • HIVE 28G - 0.3ohm
  • TIGER 24G - 0.3ohm
  • TIGER 26G - 0.4ohm
  • TIGER 28G - 0.5ohm
  • TITANIUM TWISTED 28G - 0.2ohm
  • QUAD TWISTED 26G - 0.2ohm
  • QUAD TWISTED 28G - 0.25ohm
  • STANDARD TWISTED 26G - 0.35ohm
  • STANDARD TWISTED 28G - 0.5ohm

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