DIY Eliquid


As the name suggests, DIY ELiquid is simply making your own juices.  A lot of people will buy a ready made eliquid for easy and convenience, but you can also just as easily make your own, and sometimes it can work out cheaper to do just that.


ELiquids are made up of 3 or 4 ingredients :

  • PG - Propylene Glycol
  • VG - Vegetable Glycerine
  • Flavour Concentrate
  • Nicotine (If you desire nicotine in your eliquids)

The process is fairly straight forward and involves measuring out the correct amounts of the liquid, mixing them together and them letting the juice sit or steep as its known in order to develop the flavour.  The beauty of creating your own liquid is that you can create your own flavours, so if strawberry, cream and peach sounds like a good mixture you could make it to your liking. 


We supply all the components to get you started.  The only extra piece of equipment you will need is something to measure out the ingredients.  You can either use a syringe or a measuring beaker or test tube.  These are available very cheaply from many places online.  

PG and VG comes in 120ml bottles. This is top grade PG & VG specially for eliquids.

Nicotine is only available in 3mg - 20mg strengths in the form of Nic Shots called Just Nic It. When mixing your own it's better to get the highest strength to make the most amount of juice. 

Flavour concentrates come from Just Flava in 10ml bottles.  Typically you can make 4-5 bottles of finished juice from a 10ml bottles.

Bottles come in 3 sizes - 10ml, 60ml and 120ml

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