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What you need to know before vaping e-Cigarettes in Public

What you need to know before vaping e-Cigarettes in Public

Smoking a cigarette or vaping an e-cigarette is almost considered the same, however, smoking is banned in the public places and vaping is not. There are different areas established for smokers and the ones who smoke because that particular area in particular premises in order to fulfil the urge of smoking or vaping. 

There are different statements and studies that differentiate smoking and vaping but somehow also relate the two into one single category. For your knowledge, smoking a simple cigarette causes a great degree of harm to your health and also to the bystanders. In fact the passive smoking is much dangerous and people staying around the smokers are affected on a higher degree.

Smoking as to create smoke, tobacco goes through the combustion process and it is then that various chemicals are formed during the process which makes a cigarette injurious to your heal as well as to the people you are surrounded with particularly while smoking. On the other hand, vaping does not require combustion of tobacco and is operated through readymade e-juices which contain fewer amounts of chemicals as compared to a cigarette. 

Passive smoking:

According to the studies, passive smoking is the involuntary inhaling of smoke. If you are a non- smoker, and a person is smoking beside you, then you are forced to inhale the smoke while breathing and this makes you a passive smoker. Passive smoking is injurious to health and so people are advised to stop smokers from smoking the public places like restaurants, parking area, etc. Passive smoking is also known as second- hand smoking by persons other than the active smoker. People reside in the environment, smoke gets mixed in the environment and passive smokers are affected. According to various studies, passive smoking is somehow considered relatively more harmful than active smoking. Even when you are a non- smoker, if you have someone smoking nearby you, your health can get affected in the same way causing various kinds of cancers and pulmonary diseases. 

Smoking is banned in the public and you might have seen the posters and hoardings all around different places prohibiting smoking. Just like smoking vaping is also prohibited in various public areas like restaurants and bars and special smoking zones have been made for the smokers and vapers to fulfil their urge of smoking.  It is indeed a controversial topic that whether vaping should be allowed in public or not. We shall discuss all the related facts and figures further on this controversial topic. 

Myths of e-cigarettes:

There are a number of media-related stories available on the internet which provides the latest evidence on electronic cigarettes. Along with this there are a lot of misconceptions in the mind of public related to the e-cigarettes and vaping. Moving forward you will get to know a number of myths and facts through this content. 

The first one will be related to the safety of consuming e-cigarettes. Vaping is no exception, which means it is harmful but to a lesser content than simple and normal smoking. This is further supported by a number of key bodies all across the globe. Further, there are few smokers say five out of ten, who believe that nicotine individually causes tobacco-related cancer whereas science proves that nicotine carries minimal risk of harm to your health. 

No doubt, nicotine is the main reason that people get addicted to smoking but the facts and surveys support that there are many other chemicals involved in smoking a cigarette which causes diseases like cancer, lung infections and so on. Another myth is that exposure to e-cigarette vapour is harmful to bystanders: It is scientifically proven that exposure to smoke is injurious to the health of bystanders which is why the United Kingdom has laws which prohibit smoking in public places. We are focusing on smoking as these laws do not cover vaping and all the organisations are free to make their own policies on the use of e-cigarettes in their premises. To support this statement, we would like to add that e-cigarette juice or e- liquids are typically composed of nicotine, propylene glycol or glycerine, and added flavours. There is no side- stream vapour emitted by an e-cigarette into the environment. But yes, it is still a controversial topic and surveys are being conducted on regular basis to keep supporting the myths and facts. 

Another myth that people believe in is that e-cigarettes will lead youngsters into smoking. Well, there is no such evidence so far which can justify the fact that the young generation will be attracted to e-cigarettes and get addicted to them. Also, according to a survey conducted in the UK, youth is seen experimenting with the e-cigarettes but the use is limited. They are not using the e-cigarettes on regular basis. The use of e-cigarettes is confined to the people who already smoke cigarettes. 

So we can say that myths keep on adding according to people but there are supporting surveys that help us believe in the facts rather than the myths. Therefore, precaution is better than cure so always remember to say no to smoking and vaping and teach people about getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

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