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Think you’re an expert in the different types of vaping? Read this now!

Think you’re an expert in the different types of vaping? Read this now!

Before jumping to the main topic which is the various types of vaping products, it is important for all the beginners to know a little about vaping. You must know that vaping in simple terms means to inhale and exhale vapour which is produced by an electric cigarette or e-cigarette or any similar device. It is an evolution of smoking and is quite in fashion these days. The products which are used in vaping are of different brands offering you different features and ranges to select from. Not just the vape devices come in choices, the vape juice or e- juices or e- liquids that are essential for the device to be operated come in different flavours and varieties which will be discussed further. 

There are hundreds and thousands of people or rather the majority of people who are engaged in smoking and are addicted to it. Well, nicotine is the devil there as it is an addictive chemical. All the addicted ones at some point or the other to try and make efforts in order to quit smoking which means if you think you are the only one then you are wrong as you are not alone. Around six out of ten smokers do say that they wish to quit smoking. If you are addicted to smoking then quitting is the best thing you can do to have a healthy lifestyle but of course, the addiction is so severe that quitting becomes quite hard. Smoking hits almost every organ of your body and according to a survey, nearly one- third of the deaths from heart diseases take place due to smoking and passive smoking. 

Being a smoker, you might be tempted to the vaping which is in trend these days. Well, in some social circles it is thought that switching to vaping may help you control your smoking habit and eventually help you quit smoking sooner or later. There are a few assumptions that have come into the light and are discussed below:

1.     The first assumption is that smoking e-cigarette are less harmful than the traditional smoking: nicotine is extracted from tobacco which is the main ingredient of an e-cigarette and other flavouring agents and chemicals are also added to create a vapour that you inhale. According to various studies, a normal cigarette contains seven thousand chemicals or more and there are few very toxic chemicals in a normal cigarette which invite various types of cancers and heart diseases. According to the studies conducted on the e-cigarettes, the chemicals involved in the e-cigarettes are less harmful than the normal ones. 

2.    Vaping is injurious to health: Another assumption that comes in front of us is that smoking vapour will also cause harmful effects on your health regardless of the opinion that the chemicals involved in inhaling vapour are less dangerous. E-cigarettes are also highly addictive as they also contain nicotine which is the most addictive chemical in any cigarette. Nicotine is responsible to raise your blood pressure and spike your adrenalin which further increases your heart rate eventually exposing you to more possibility of getting a heart attack. 

3.    The third assumption about vaping is that it is highly addictive which can also state that vaping is as addictive as normal smoking. This assumption is supported with the ingredient with all the traditional, as well as e-cigarettes, contain Nicotine. This devil is literally the most addictive chemical due to which you feel the urge of smoking and this chemical makes you immune to losing your willpower and get highly addicted to smoking. As a suggestion, you should switch to vaping with minimum nicotine or no nicotine e-cigarettes so that you can quit smoking as soon as possible. 

Moving forward, there are different types of vaping products available in the market nowadays. Vape is seen an evolutionary hike in the past decade and currently, you can choose from a wide range of vaping products. The evolution of e-cigarettes is as below: 

Cig-a-Like in the year 2003, Vape pen introduced in the mid-2000’s, MODS introduced in the early 2010’s and POD MODS introduced in the Mid 2010’s. With the evolutionary changes, you might be wondering where to start from. Always remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple first step. Before selecting from the vaping product you must know about the components in all vaping products. The components are listed below:

  • Filling the e- juice pr e-liquid,
  • Pressing the fire button, 
  • The atomizer comes into action and last but not the least,
  • Vape clouds from the e-cigarette to inhale. 

Moving forward, let us discuss a little about the above-mentioned types:

1.    Cig- A-Likes: these are called the first generation vapes. This is indeed the oldest type of vape device. 

2.    Vape pens: these are known as the second generation vape devices. With the advancement in technology, few new features were added in this category. 

3.    The third generation vaps are the MODS. Further, when the technology advancements took place in the early 2010’s, these MODS were introduced with some additional features. These devices were famous for the firepower and advanced personalization features. This device surely gives you more vapour clouds for the fun you are looking for. 

4.    In the current scenario, the POD MODS are established with the latest technological aspects. With almost the same features of the MOD vape, you can now find these devices in different styles and sizes. Further, these currently introduced MOD vapes come with circuit boards and without circuit boards. This feature is added for more safety reasons as it provides a battery protection circuit. 

With the options available in wide range, choose the latest ones on traditional styles right away. 

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