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Technology behind the vaping mod

Technology behind the vaping mod

Smoking is considered as the biggest contributor for causing lung cancer. But now alternative is available i.e. vaping which is in trend from many years. Vaping is assumed to be way better than traditional smoking. Its taste is better than smoke and available in amazing flavours. You will not leave with a terrible smell of smoke as it gives a pleasant odour to your mouth. People having a lack of information or without care still continue their smoking habit. They do not know how vaping works which is the reason they stick to traditional smoking. 

Vaping is assumed to be less dangerous than smoking because of combustion as tobacco companies use a lot of chemicals in their cigarettes. These chemicals produce carcinogens when you smoke the cigarette result into development of dangerous cancer. Vaping does not produce carcinogens when you inhale using a vaporizer. The liquid is heated in vaping to produce vapours which never combust. The liquid simply evaporates. You should quit smoking and adopt vaping as it will save you from harmful chemicals.

For tracing the e-cigarettes evolution one must understand the science behind vaping. It is also necessary to understand the shape of modern vaping technology in future but for that, you need to go to its past. During 1963, there was a heavy smoker Herbert Gilbert whose inspiration began the science of vaping. He formed the basis of this technology. The device used by Gilbert emitted nicotine free flavoured vapour. After that during 2003, Hon Lik (a Chinese pharmacist) gave his own patent which is nowadays familiar as modern e-cigarette. He promoted this revolutionary e-cigar. You can say that it came into the world slowly gathering the crowd at different places but loyal followers. A unique ultrasonic electrical vapour system was generated from the e-cigar innovated by Hon-Lik. This was the time when firstly nicotine was offered as an integral part of nicotine. It can be said that it was Lik’s innovative system that brought e-cigs to the cutting edge of technology.

There were a lot of devotees of this vaping system until the year 2007. They were searching for robust vapour experience. After that, the technology was pioneered by two entrepreneurs. The prototype power system of Hon Lik was replaced by a lithium-ion battery. A new system was introduced that includes e-liquid cartridge which used coils for vaporization. It was Sheikh who introduced first-time vape mods.

Since the time e-cigarettes are launched, they are taking the world like a storm. Firstly, it appeared that e-cigarettes were a safer alternative compared to traditional smoking. The benefits of e-cigarettes were instant to consumers. There was no ash, tar and immediate risks for passive smokers. Now there was a pleasant odour instead of smoking but the smokers could feel the touch of smoking. They were some level of nicotine they were consuming in these e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes were in new light and a new term was introduced called vaping.

Long term vaping

You may have many questions in your mind like whether these e-cigarettes are safe, or they will help in quitting smoking habit, level of nicotine present in them, or whether they will affect your health? etc. The e-cigarettes market is still young but there were studies that say there were certain negative things behind vaping. These e-cigarettes were improving the lifestyle of people. Moreover, there are a lot of flavour’s and odours available in the market. When questioning the general public it was said these e-cigarettes were less offensive as compared to traditional tobacco smoking. 

You can say that vaping has a bright future as there are so many alternatives to traditional smoking habits. These alternatives were benefitting consumer pockets and were friendlier.

Working of vapours

The e-cigarette has two parts: battery and tank that keeps the e-juice. Mod is responsible for sending power to the rest of the unit of e-cigarette. The battery is activated when the user draws on the drip tip. With this battery activation, power is sent to the heating coil. This way coil produces heat for the e-liquid. This e-liquid is fed from an e-juice reservoir to cotton wick which is an absorbent fabric. The cotton wick soaks the e-liquid and as a result, atomization starts. You may feel that this process is very easy but a lot of working parts are involved in it. There is only one actively involved in it i.e. fluid action. You can say that the function of e-cigarettes if similar to sail. Sail results in propulsion but e-cigarettes results in the vapour. The core principle behind the science of vaping is a transfer of energy from one form to another. Vaping converts air into infused vapour. Likewise sailing converts air into forwarding movement.

Modernisation of vaping technology

People have become addicted to smart devices these days. Same way vaping science technology has reaped amazing benefits. Even this technology is compatible with a device that responds fully to Bluetooth technology. This way you can personalise vaping mods and experience of having it. Science of vaping has always been on cutting edge of advancements made in technology. The manufacturers study the popularity of e-cig and feedback of users to remain focused and processing the functionality. Currently, box mods have been introduced that has the capability to sense the resistance of coils using intuitive programming system. In these smart mods, power output can be adjusted to optimise the efficiency and providing guaranteed safety. The intuitive programming system is not new but there is always an improvement in accuracy level of internal functions with time. It is the science behind vaping that has increased its popularity and attracted a lot of people. Without this science, vaping would not have enjoyed a prominent place in society. Vaping has always adopted new trend pick up momentum which is the reason followers are dedicated.

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