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Learn About Vaping 101 In The Next 60 Seconds

Learn About Vaping 101 In The Next 60 Seconds

What is Vaping? 

Inhaling and Exhaling of vapor production is the process of vaping. Vaping is done with an electronic cigarette or any similar device that helps in smoking. Another term that vaping is famous for is inhaling and exhaling produce through e-cigarettes. 

What is smoking?

Smoking is a habit of inhaling and exhaling smoke of a drug or tobacco. The cigarette is the most common source of smoking which is readily available at every nook and corner. According to various surveys which are conducted on the percentage of smokers, a large population is seen indulged in smoking which is indeed a matter of concern for the goodness of the persons along with the goodness of the environment. 

It is believed that vaping helps a person in quitting smoking, however, there are in fact a number of things that you must consider before choosing vaping over smoking. 

There are a number of facts that constitute the use of vaping. Let us discuss a few below: 

Vaping is new in the market and people are really getting attracted to the social culture that vaping has to offer to the smokers especially. Smoking has been a part of the public from a long time but vaping is in just from about a decade or so. The statements further will help you know a little more about both smokings as well as vaping. 

No matter if you are choosing vaping or smoking, you will have some serious health issues that come along with it. The health issues coming with smoking are dangerous and health issues with vaping is still unknown. 

Smoking and Chemicals: 

The main component of a cigarette is tobacco and tobacco contains a number of chemicals. Amongst these chemicals in tobacco, there are around more than 20 such chemicals which cause cancer. The list is quite long so ‘carcinogens’ is the term that can be used to sum up all the cancer-causing chemicals into a single category. For your knowledge few of the carcinogens are listed below:




Carbon Monoxide


Hydrogen Cyanide

Nicotine (the most commonly known carcinogen) 

and so on. 

There is a greater scope of a person smoking to have various type of cancers, pulmonary diseases or heart disease. This all starts with the combustion of tobacco leaf and there the chemical reaction takes place. The smoke then created is a composition of all the chemicals including the few listed above. 

Vaping and chemicals:

After discussing the various chemicals of smoking, let us now discuss the chemicals of vaping:

The primary process in vaping does not require the combustion process. This helps in removing a lot of chemicals that cause diseases like cancer and lung diseases. The overall process of making an e-cigarette is easier than that of making a simple cigarette and along with this, the chemicals produced during the production of a cigarette is less than that of an e-cigarette. For your knowledge, few of the chemicals involved in Vaping are listed below:



Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene Glycol


Besides the above-listed chemicals, any other chemical found in the process of vaping is for adding a flavor to it. These are in fact good to consume and are found to be food grade chemicals. 

All the above-mentioned points make it quite clear about the best devil to choose from. Further, let us discuss is vaping and smoking similar to each other? If we talk about nicotine, then both the cigarette and e-cigarette contains this content. In the process of smoking, the tobacco is burned to create the smoke whereas, in the process of vaping, no combustion is required. Combustion in a simple cigarette is essential to create the smoke and in the vaping, an e-liquid is heated in order to create vapor. Smoking a simple cigarette causes higher risk to your health as compared to the health issues created by the vaping. The statement is justified above in which the amount of chemicals in the combustion process has been discussed against the chemicals involved in vaping. 

Moving forward, let us discuss the benefits of vaping:

1.    The first and most important benefit of vaping is that it has fewer amounts of harmful chemicals. 

2.    This further ad up to the benefit number two stating that fewer chemicals are less dangerous to your health.

3.    Vaping is a comparatively less addictive in nature (if used without nicotine) which means you can surely control your smoking habit and eventually quit smoking sooner. 

4.    The next feature of vaping is that it has a number of flavours available which means you can enjoy the best flavours and it will not spoil the taste. 

5.    Smoking is not only harmful to the smoker but it is also harmful to the persons around. Passive smoking is a term used for this statement in which even if you are a non-smoker, you can get affected equally when a person is smoking around you. In the environmental context, cigarettes can cause a fire in the case thrown lit. The e-cigarettes help you escape the fire part for sure which ads to the safety of the environment. 

6.    Vaping process generated fumes which are odourless that means you will not have to cover your mouth after vaping an e-cigarette. 

Clearly, smoking a cigarette is harmful and thus it is advisable for all the smokers to switch to alternatives for the good of you as well as the people around you. 

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